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Enjoy the best version of yourself by taking advantage of your strengths

BZG Certified Consultant

People analytics for better decision making

Discovering one's natural talent could be the answer that makes it easier for us to achieve the results we want in our personal and professional lives.

At BZG we focus on the identification and management of talent, with tools applicable to both individuals and work teams, obtaining reliable information for objective decision making.

The results impact quickly, both on the individual and on the organization, with improvements at the personal, work and social levels, through a new perspective and a better understanding of one's strengths. It is about reorganizing structures, allowing talent to be aligned with the competencies required of each position.

Assessments and Workshops

Our solutions are innovative and always linked to the identification of talent and its reorientation towards the best version of the individual, achieving a better life that impacts on the person and the organization. We have face-to-face and distance assessments and workshops, designed for individual or group sessions, for individuals and/or work teams. We also have services designed exclusively for young people.


Assessment for adults and/or work teams:

Identify and enhance your natural talents for a better personal life and/or a better professional performance.

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Workshop for OD Counsultants, coaches, career counselors, HR professionals, managers, psychologists and educators:

Add a tool to apply the Benziger Assessment, for adults and young people, anywhere in the world.

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For individuals and/or work teams:

Designed for those who seek balance in their own lives, reaching to adapt their expectations to their natural abilities and personal talents.

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Assessment for work teams:

The evolution of 360° assessments. It intertwines the competencies that describe the profile with the natural talents.

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Workshops for coaches and HR managers:

The preliminary step to become an international Benziger Licensee, starting to identify and enhance talent.

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Exclusive assessment for young people:

Doing what you like is in you. Know in depth what talent you came to the world with, what things you have a natural gift, ability, and talent for.

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Get to know each other better to make better choices!


The Benziger Model is based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung´s theories, and is designed to help people improve their effectiveness, collaborative skills, and overall well-being through a better understanding of their own strengths.

Detecting which is the dominant type of thinking of a person helps to increase his/her productivity in the fields where one is naturally more efficient, so that the person is able to succeed in his/her job or in the activities he/she performs, in a more fluid and natural way.


We all have natural skills and abilities that we call gifts. When we use them in a proper context, we feel good, and we enter a state of “flowing” by squeezing the identity of our being to its fullest. 


On the contrary, when we do not use our natural competencies, we go into a "type deviation" or a "type falsification" which is equivalent to moving into a style of thinking that does not correspond to our natural identity. The results can be emotional conflicts, blockages, stress, misunderstandings in communication, frustration, sadness, etc.


Some of our clients

BTSA is the only assessment that allows us to identify the type deviation.
(Dr. Carl Gustav Jung)
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