We present the next level of 360 assessments: EVALUATION 3GO° 


1. Know the performance of each of the evaluated according to different behaviors and skills required by the organization and the position in particular.

2. Detect areas of opportunity of the individual, the team and / or the organization.

3. Carry out precise actions to improve the performance of the staff and the organization.

4. Link the skills that describe the profile of each person evaluated with their natural talents.

5. Improve effectiveness, collaborative skills and general well-being, through a better understanding of one's strengths


The 3GO ° Evaluation intertwines the competencies that describe the profile of each person evaluated with their natural talents

The 3GO° Evaluation takes you to the next level, deepening the analysis of your profile and visualizing the degree of agreement between this and your natural gifts.

- Detection of blind spots and hidden strengths: combining your own perceptions with those of those around you in your work life, you can discover things to improve and opportunities to develop.


- Matriz 3GO°: we deepen the analysis grouping the competences according to the styles of thought, and in this way visualize the degree of agreement between your results and your natural gifts, to continue orienting and increasing your potential.


1. The methodology used in this evaluation seeks to establish a profile of behavior in which each evaluated can identify the skills that are a strength in their profile, and those that are less strong and that may represent a need for development, for better performance present and future.

2. The 3G0º evaluation  uses the method of "forced evaluation", which provides more reliable results and free of subjective and personal influences of the evaluator, therefore eliminating the effect of generalization (halo effect).

3. Deepen the analysis by grouping the skills according to the thinking styles, in order to visualize the degree of agreement between the profile and the natural gifts of the evaluated.