Benziger model characteristics

80% of people do not use their natural strengths in their working life, bringing negative effects to the individual and the organization.


The Benziger Model is designed to help individuals improve their effectiveness, their collaboration skills and their general well-being, through a better understanding of their own strengths.


We provide valuable information about human behavior from a neuroscience perspective, being very useful for executives, consultants, therapists and anyone interested in guiding others to achieve better performance, quality of life and well-being; those who will be able to make objective decisions based on relevant and reliable data.


  • The BTSA is the only evaluation that allows you to identify the deviation or adaptation of the natural thinking type, allowing the evaluated person to achieve better health, physical and emotional.

  • Bases each profile numerically for greater specificity.

  • It highlights the unique contribution that each Thinking Style provides to life based on the neurophysiological foundations on functional specialization.

  • Uses non-judgmental tags that identify the brain region that seems to be responsible for each function, which make it easy to see all four thinking types as equal.

  • It reveals the extent to which auxiliary and weak types have developed.

  • Structure exploratory discussions and maximize ideas by identifying changes in the way the individual uses their brain.

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People analytics with reliable and relevant information, which ensures an objective opinion for decision making.

Benefits for Team building

The model helps leaders and supervisors to understand in a better way the team members’ concerns such as perception, motivation and job satisfaction, as well it is a way to effectively address team difficulties such as achieving goals, cohesion and leadership.


The Benziger model has been designed to focus on 4 specific management areas.


  1. Increase the quality of performance of individuals and groups.

  2. Improve creativity and analytical decision-making groups and individuals.

  3. Reduce interpersonal conflicts due to a non-adapted behavior.

  4. Decrease staff turnover and absenteeism rates.


In the Teams Development, the BTSA provides valuable information as well, since it maps the competences of each team member and shows the areas of greatest strength and weakness. With this information you can perform analyzes, establish strategies to balance the vision and plan the incorporation of new members to complement the team.

The BTSA can contribute to the company:

 Raising self-knowledge
 In the selection processes
 In the creation of retention plans
 In the design of career plans

 In the improvement of communication
 In the formation of highly efficient teams
 In the design of competency models

 In the improvement of positions profiles
 In the coaching processes
 In the decrease of rotation


Are you taking advantage of your full potential?

We help you to discover it.

Benefits for people

75% of people have a wrong perception of their natural strengths, that for which we have a natural talent and feels like easy to do, effortlessly and enjoyable.


The model is designed to help individuals improve their effectiveness, their collaboration skills and their general well-being, through a better understanding of their own strengths.


It serves people who do not resign themselves to do what is imposed

 by the environment and feel mobilized or attracted to find their purpose and to discover their strengths to empower them.


It can also help people who feel "disoriented" and feel the need to "reinvent" themselves, relying on those strengths that make them unique.

People achieve a better understanding of how they assess different situations and how they act accordingly, making it possible to generate strategies to improve communication and relationships. They also understand how to experience the "flow" state; based on the efficient mastery of the natural strength of the brain, to achieve optimal performance.


BTSA do not add labels, there are NO good or bad results; the individual succeeds in applying the results in their own life in a useful and novel way. It has a great impact on self-awareness, and on the creation of development plans.


Evaluation designed exclusively for young people.

Benefits for adolescents

Defining a life project is something that can generate distress, and it is not always done successfully. Percentage of college dropouts and career changes show that decisions in this area are often not based on the knowledge of your personal strengths what are you passionate about; but rather on reactions to the social or family context, which cannot be sustained over time.


Young people who go through this process of self-discovery with Benziger, make decisions more confident, and with a greater degree of responsibility by having increased their level of knowledge about themselves.


ONE Evaluation It’s not a vocational test, it’s much more. While a test is limited to orienting you in a range of bachelor’s degrees you can choose from, ONE goes further and helps you discover not only your talents but also your preferences. 


For example: Using ONE you would choose WHAT and WHERE. You will receive information so you can not only define WHAT, but also discover WHERE according to the relation / coincidences between your way of being or preferences and the styles of teaching or focus of each institution/university.

Our tools were designed to obtain strong and relevant data, which are then processed in our model and interpreted by professionals with great experience in talent management.

We interpret data from people in 34 countries




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