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Benziger is an organization focused on helping to manage talent, based on the data analysis we reveal of people. We work with reliable and relevant information, which ensures an objective opinion for decision making.


With 27 years of experience, our model (based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s theories) is present in 31 countries, responding to different needs, both on a personal level as well as adding in the development of work teams.


We have more than 600 licensees around the world, who carry out the evaluation and provide consulting services with solutions for talent management in people and work teams.

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The Benziger model provides valuable information about human behavior, and it is currently one of the most used models by companies in Latin America in different processes of human resources management (staff selection, talent identification, promotions, design and job placement); as well as in universities and educational institutions, used in processes to re-discover talents and for choosing or changing careers.



Our evaluation is designed to help individuals improve their effectiveness, their collaboration skills and their general well-being, through a better understanding of their own strengths.

The one and only assessment tool that allows you to identify the deviation or adaptation of your natural thinking style

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Dra. Katherine Benziger

She has dedicated two decades to the teaching and researching of work psychology to help people understand, value and use their own natural gifts and those of others.

She has taught personality assessment and neuropsychology to vocational counselors and professionals in human resources.

She has researched and developed state-of-the-art tools to identify the potential talents of individuals and their tendencies to falsify their thinking. Specifically, Dr. Benziger is known as the foremost expert on the neuroscientific foundations of Dr. Carl Jung's psychological type model, with particular attention to the scientific roots and the costs that Dr. Jung called Falsification of the Kind.


Dr.Benzinger´s work has been of great, which is of great potential and very useful, focuses on the patterns of conscious behavior of people, including their use and respect for their natural inclination or dominant function and their auxiliary and secondary functions. Specifically, Dr. Benziger identifies patterns of conscious behavior that indicate the presence or absence of type falsification. In this way, Benziger's work does not address many of the most significant areas of Jung's work, including dialogue with the unconscious, dreams and archetypes. However, given that Benziger's work has proved very useful to non-Jungian therapists, it is assumed that in the hands of a qualified analyst, skilled in communicating with the client's unconscious, his work could be even more useful.


In 1980, Dr. Benziger founded KBA "The Human Resource Technology Company" where she has developed and taught innovative psychological assessment toolkits to help people become healthier, happier and more productive by better understanding themselves and others. . Currently, these tools are used by vocational counselors, family therapists and people, teachers and business professionals in the United States, Latin America, Europe and South Africa, who want their work environments to be healthier and more meaningful for their work.

Msc. Nancy Sirker

Master in Industrial Psychology, founder and director of People of Talent and representative for Latin American Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (BTSA). Previously, she held the position of Consulting Director at Deloitte for 6 years.


Certified as a Level 3 Licensee of this technology, she has trained more than 500 Level 1 and 2 Licensees throughout Latin America, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. These trainings are designed to help people be more effective through the identification and use of their natural abilities.


Some of her clients are: BAC | Credomatic Network, Aliaxis Latin America, Deloitte, Grupo Pellas, Banco Davivienda, Grupo Fanalca, Suramericana de Seguros, HAY Group, Central American Bank for Economic Integration, Procter & Gamble, Syngenta, Allergan, IBM Company, British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris, Energizer, PWC, Coca-Cola Company, Citibank, Franklin Covey, Bekaert, BCR, INEC, among others.

Additionally, she has given training on topics such as Classification and Assessment of Positions, Management Systems by Competencies, Coaching for Executive Development, Selection by Competencies, Gender Intelligence, among others.


College of Executive Coaching: 
Coaching Competency and Feedback Certification
Emotional Intelligence and Coaching Certification
Coaching Skills and Practice Development Certification
Executive Coaching Certification. 

Lominger Executive Coaching Certification

Prepare the Trainers: 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Accelerated Learning.
Gender Intelligence Barbara Annis & Associates Inc.

¨The Benziger Evaluation is among the instruments that have contributed most to the knowledge of the candidates (internal / external) and with greater correlation with the information obtained in the evaluation interviews.


It has contributed in the identification of his abilities and limitations, contributing in determining the most suitable area and position according to the characteristics observed in the profile. I recommend it.


Paula Ebner

Selection Manager


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Our tools were designed to obtain strong and relevant data, which are then processed in our model and interpreted by professionals with great experience in talent management.

We interpret data from people in 34 countries




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