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The ONE Assessment has been designed exclusively for young people. It helps you discover what gifts and natural talents you were born with.


ONE will help you find what you are most passionate about and make the most of it.


ONE has been designed using the Benziger Model, the only assessment that allows you to identify falsification of type, also known as deviation from your natural type.


Doing what you love is up to you, discover your greatest potential!


ONE is a powerful tool that helps you find key answers for awareness and self-exploration.  An experience which is invaluable for your life.



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Defining what you want in life can be a burden and produce stress and does not always result in success. Many people switch careers or drop out of college.  Career decisions are often not based on the individual strengths, but rather on social context.  A wrong choice cannot be sustained over time without serious consequences.

Using ONE you will discover your natural talent and know where to focus. Doing what you like is up to you!


ONE is much more than a vocational test. Many assessments will orient you in terms of what bachelor degree or profession you could choose from. ONE goes further and helps you discover your talents and preferences.


For example: using ONE you would choose What and Where. You can use the assessment to define WHAT you want to do and WHERE you want to go depending on your preferences whether it is an institution, a university or elsewhere.


We help you define the


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With ONE you will have a better understanding on how to act in different situations according to your strengths, making it possible to develop strategies to improve communication and relationships.


You will also gain understanding so you can experience the “flow” state by leveraging your natural strength.


80% of people do not take advantage of their natural strengths, so you will have a competitive advantage and experience career satisfaction since you will be able to do more of what you are most passionate about.


You will save time and money, focusing at a perfect stage in your life on what you have a natural talent for.

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To reach far you need to start right!


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Our tools were designed to obtain robust and relevant data, which are then processed in our model and interpreted by professionals with experience in talent management.

We interpret data from people in 34 countries

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