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natural talents!

Youth Assessment

The ONE evaluation has been designed exclusively for young people and it helps you to know in depth with what talent you came to the world and for what things you have a natural gift, a certain ease and talent.


ONE is a platform that helps you do what you’re passionate about and make the most of it.


ONE has been designed using the Benziger Model, the only evaluation that allows you to identify falsification or deviation of your natural thinking style.


Doing what you love most is up to you. Connect with your best version!


ONE is a powerful tool that helps you find key answers, engaging in a process of awareness and self-exploration, essential to build your life project.


Defining a life project is something that can generate distress, and it is not always done successfully. Percentage of college dropouts and career changes show that decisions in this area are often not based on the knowledge of your personal strengths what are you passionate about; but rather on reactions to the social or family context, which cannot be sustained over time.

Using ONE you will discover your talents and you will be able to focus on what you were born to do. Doing what you like now is up to you!

It’s not a vocational test, it’s much more. While a test is limited to orienting you in a range of bachelor’s degrees you can choose from, ONE goes further and helps you discover not only your talents but also your preferences. 


For example: Using ONE you would choose WHAT and WHERE. You will receive information so you can not only define WHAT, but also discover WHERE according to the relation / coincidences between your way of being or preferences and the styles of teaching or focus of each institution/university.


We help you define the


People achieve a better understanding of how they assess different situations and how they act accordingly, making it possible to generate strategies to improve communication and relationships. 


They also understand how to experience the "flow" state; based on the efficient mastery of the natural strength of the brain, to achieve optimal performance.


Faced with a scenario where 80% of the people do not take advantage of their natural strengths you are going to run with a great advantage, and with the great satisfaction of being able to do what you are passionate about.


You will save time and money, discovering from the beginning what makes you good and what you have a natural talent for.

To get far you

have to

start well!

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